About us

Welcome to the “About us” page – find our who we are, a Swedish – Scottish family.

Mike Woods b 1952

Most of my adult life I was a farmer in Scotland married with 4 grown up children 2+2. We sold the farm and I travelled a bit mainly to Australia. On a visit home I met Solly then eventually moved to Sweden. We are now married with one daughter Lisa.

To start with we lived in Solly’s house in Ryd but 11 years ago we bought a small very run down farm in Björkebråten 7 km out of Ryd we renovated the house then moved out to live in the country a very new venture for Solly but she’s managed well and loves her garden. We wanted to try and develop a tourist business on the farm and built our first log cabin in 2009.

They have proved very popular so over the years we have built first cabin 1 then after a couple of years cabin 2 now hopefully finished soon cabin 3. The idea is to give people a place in or near the forests and lakes with a modern kitchen, toilet, Wi-Fi, TV,  etc.

Solly Woods  b 1961 

Solly was born in Åhus south Sweden. Her mother was Austrian her father Swedish. Her father was a ships captain so up until she was school age at 6 she and her mother travelled in boats all over the world with her father. Solly’s mother was a sports teacher Solly followed this and after qualifying in sport education in Austria came back to Sweden and has been teaching here all her working life. At present she teaches sport full time in 3 of the local schools.

Lisa Woods b 2001

Lisa is at present studying technology in Karlshamn with an idea to maybe being an architect. She loves her new college where she studies for the next 2½ years. Before this she was at school for 10 years in our nearest village Ryd. She is very good at sport playing tennis and football