Kyrkö Mosse Car Cemetery

Only five minutes by car from Björkebraten you can find the Kyrko Mosse car cemetery. A car dump? Where do you find such a thing? With us in Ryd.

Kyrkö Mosse is the moor area where the cemetery is situated in the middle of the forest.

Åke Danielsson, a professional peat digger, pursued his profession until he later devoted himself to his passion for cars. Burnt-out, dismantled and recycled car wrecks are scattered around his workshop. Until the end of the 80’s he lived in a small hut on the grounds, which you can still see today.

This cemetery was highly controversial after the death of Åke Danielsson, because on the one hand environmental laws were violated, but on the other hand there was an artistic and cultural-historical value. By 2050, the government has decided to abandon the cemetery… and then we assume the moor will have swallowed most of it.

The car cemetery is a popular destination for excursions. It is free of charge and can be visited around the clock. In front of the cemetery is a small car park. However, the following recommendations are given to visitors.

  • Mandatory sturdy footwear, no open sandals or flip flops
  • We do not recommend the cemetery for dogs, because some pieces of broken fragments, nails, iron parts lie on the ground and can injure the paws.
  • Don’t forget your camera – the cemetery has its flair at any time of the year